Skalar test kit automation solutions 24 September 2021

Are you a water laboratory using manual test kits for your analysis and do you want to take it a step further? Then please take the time to read our newsflash on how our test kit robot can benefit your lab!

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SP2000 automatic sample preparation platform for the further analysis of Adsorbable Organic Halides 23 September 2021

The robot takes over tedious and frequently repetitive, time-critical, manual handling steps such as sample pipetting, dilution, mixing at varying speeds, (de)-capping of sample bottles, addition of hazardous reagents such as acids and, last but not least, dispensing of the diluted samples at a precise rate of 3 ml/min on to dedicated cartridges as part of the extraction procedure for further AOX analysis.

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Total automation solution for manure analysis 11 June 2021

An agricultural laboratory in the Netherlands analyses total phosphate, total nitrogen and potassium in animal manure and fertilizer samples according to NEN 7433 for the pre-treatment and in accordance with NEN 7434, 7435 and 7436 for the measurements.

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Join us virtually for ChemBio 2021 23 April 2021

Skalar will participate in the virtual event of ChemBio Finland on Wednesday 28th April, 2021. The subscription for this event is free of charge, so don't miss it!

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